Pass Plus Course: what it can do for you?

Pass Plus is a training programme aimed at newly qualified drivers. The scheme has been developed by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) with the assistance of leading car insurers and the driving instructing industry to assist in the skill development of new and inexperienced drivers, educating them in areas where they have limited experience.

The course is aimed at providing new drivers with extra specific and focused driving knowledge and practice to improve and develop their existing road skills in areas where they have limited, or no, experience (such as motorway driving), helping them to become better, safer drivers and increasing their driving confidence.

Driving Tuition Vehicle

To take part in the scheme, you must book a course with a registered A.D.I. (Approved Driving Instructor) who will supply you with a course pack, containing full details of both the course content and insurance companies who participate in the programme. Only registered A.D.I.'s can endorse PassPlus certificates.

The course consists of six training modules, and all six modules must be completed to pass the course and gain the certification.

When can I do Pass Plus?

You can take the course at any time but it is primarily aimed at newly qualified drivers within the first year of passing their driving test.

Why is this course recommended?

Statistical analysis of road traffic accidents by government bodies has highlighted that there is a significant need for the driving experience level of newly-qualified drivers to be addressed in some way. This analysis has raised a very real concern in the government. Some of the results of this analysis are detailed below.

  • New drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident within the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving experience.
  • A lack of driving experience can often result in a new drivers' reaction time being much slower than that of an experienced driver.
  • New drivers are unaccustomed to the level of alertness, and varied driving skills, required when driving on different road types, and in different driving conditions.

  • The response of the government to this analysis has been to develop the Pass Plus driving course. The aim of the course is to give new drivers extra, focused training on roads that they have been unable to drive on as learners as well as further, specific driving experience in an effort to reduce the risk of them being involved in an accident.

    What are the benefits of the course?

    The government foresaw many benefits from a course for newly-qualified drivers. Some of these are listed below.

  • It gives new drivers the opportunity to gain quality driving experience in a safe environment.
  • It enables new drivers to safely learn to drive on roads where higher driving speeds are attained e.g.motorways and dual carriageways.
  • It boosts the driving confidence of new drivers,as their existing driving skills are consolidated alongside extra, structured, focused driving experiences that are delivered in a safe environment, with hints and tips about how to safely handle many driving situations.
  • It benefits new drivers by further developing a defensive driving approach, helping you become a safer and more skillful driver.
  • It saves money on new driver car insurance costs.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of new drivers being involved in an accident.
  • After the driving test has been passed there is a period where self-confidence in your own driving develops, slowly, through frequent practice and self-directed decision-making.

    The Pass Plus course is designed to focus on areas of driving that a learner has limited or no experience of, and to enhance existing driving skills to introduce and incorporate these areas safely e.g. driving on motorways or night driving. The course also aims to target specific rudimentary driving skills, e.g. overtaking, and to develop these further in order to enable new drivers to incorporate a greater depth of driving skill for multiple road situations e.g. overtaking in high speed traffic, or overtaking in narrow country lanes.

    The instructor's role during a Pass Plus course is to discuss and enable safe driving practice by pointing out areas of particular importance for each driving situation that is encountered, to develop this discussion to incorporate other relevant driving situations, and to advise on best practices and behaviours that allow you to keep yourself safe in all driving circumstances.

    Since the course has been introduced, the government have conducted research to assess the effectiveness of the course. They focused on people who have taken, and completed, the whole course, and found that:

  • 93% felt more confident on the road.
  • 89% considered that their driving skills had improved.

  • The course content.

    The course consists of six modules. Below are a list of links that detail fully the content of each unit.

    Driving Tuition Car

    Town Driving

    All - Weather Driving

    Driving on Rural Roads

    Night Driving

    Dual Carriageways

    Motorway Driving

    On completion of the course, certification can be passed on to select Insurance Companies who assure discounted insurance rates for endorsed certificates. During a Pass Plus course with Antonine Driving School, your A.D.I. will provide you with an up-to-date list of designated insurance companies who participate in the scheme.

    The price of the full course with Antonine is detailed below:

    Full Pass Plus Course

    Duration Cost
    All 6 units over 6 hours £170.00

    We hope that this page has the information on Pass Plus that you were looking for and made the course a bit clearer. If you are interested in booking a Pass Plus course, then please feel free to contact us .

    Prices correct as of November 2020.

    Antonine Driving School , for a DSA Approved Driving Instructor.

    Please click on the DSA logo below to see the DSA's advice on 'choosing a driving instructor'.

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