Module 1 - Town Driving

Introduction & Town Driving.

The first module has two parts.

Part 1 begins with an introduction to Pass Plus, explaining the course aims, and the skills and knowledge to be covered in the full course.

Part 2 is a practical session covering different aspects of driving in a town.

These include:

  • complex junctions
  • unusual roundabouts
  • multiple lanes
  • lanes for public transport and cycles
  • under-passes and over-passes
  • dealing with fast moving public transport and unusual public transport, like trams.

  • There are a number of driving skill features that are of particular importance in the unit on urban driving. These are:

  • acute observation, judgement and awareness
  • appropriate eye contact
  • consideration for vulnerable road users
  • showing caution, whilst continuing to make adequate progress
  • keeping a defensive space around your car

  • As with all of the units in the Pass Plus course, there is an equal focus on your own driving behaviour and the driving patterns and driving conduct of other drivers on the road. The course provides you with guidance about how to be prepared for, and manage, the unpredictability of other drivers that can occur at any given time.

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