What is the driving theory test, and where does it fit into a course of driving lessons?

What's the driving theory test all about?

As part of the 'learning to drive' process, it is necessary for learners to pass the theory test. The theory test can be sat at any time once you have a provisional licence . You don't even need to have started your driving lessons.

However, the theory test should improve your practical driving skills, and it is more likely to do that if you're already taking driving lessons. Driving lessons also help to put the theory of driving into perspective, through actual driving situations. Therefore, the theory test and driving lessons inform each other, and help to consolidate an understanding of both at the same time. The DSA also give a full explanation of the theory test on their website.

For further advice and assistance, see our guidance on how to book your driving theory test. Also, read our advice on how to best prepare for the theory test to increase your chances of passing.

The driving theory test.

As of July 1996, it is necessary for learner driver's to pass a driving theory test before they are allowed to attempt to sit the UK practical driving test. This is the government's way of ensuring that everyone who holds a valid driving licence in the UK has a good knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road, car and road safety, and the basics of car maintenance.

The test has two parts; a multiple choice question section and a hazard perception section. The multiple choice part is administered by means of a touch screen monitor, and the hazard perception section measures the speed of your response to hazards using a computer mouse button. A detailed explanation of both parts of the test can be found via the links below.

Driving Theory Test Part 1 - Multiple Choice Section

Driving Theory Test Part 2 - Hazard perception Section

Candidates sitting the test must obtain a pass in both parts in order to pass the theory test.

The theory test can be attempted as many times as it takes to obtain a pass, but each attempt costs. So be sure to read our advice on preparing for the test . Being well-prepared could save you the price of a few tests in the long run.

But try to get the timing of sitting the test right. There's a time limit on the life of the theory pass certificate.

Once you have passed the test you can apply to take your practical driving test within the following two years. But after two years, if the practical driving test has not been passed, the theory certificate expires and the whole theory test must be taken again.

Sit it too early and you put pressure on yourself to be ready for the practical test within a specified time period. But try not to leave it so late that you end up paying for more driving lessons than you need because you're ready to sit the practical test, but can't apply for it because you haven't sat, or passed, the theory test. Your driving instructor can advise you about the best time to study and apply for the driving theory test. Ask him/her for guidance. They're a great resource, so ask them. We encourage you to, at Antonine.

We hope this page has been informative. If you have any further enquiries, or would like to book lessons, please contact us . We'll be glad to take your call.

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