Useful driving links.

There are so many useful driving links. So we decided to break them down into a couple of sections to make them clearer.

Government-Related Links

Most of these links are useful to use to access information about the legal side of driving, and also as a general information guide about motoring. These sites will let you know what is stipulated for driving in the UK.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (D.V.S.A.).

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (D.V.L.A.).

D.V.L.A. Driver Information.

D.V.L.A. Vehicle Information.


Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Department for Transport (DfT).

General Driving Information Links

These sites are useful to drivers as a resource that:

  • makes us think about the impact that driving can have.
  • encourages us to understand and think about the benefit to everyone, both road-users and pedestrians, if we, as drivers, make effort to improve our driving skills.
  • helps us to realise how we can limit the risk of accidents on Scotland's roads, both as vehicle drivers and pedestrians, by adapting our behaviour and responses in and around traffic.
  • Please also see our pages on the UK Driving Licence , which has similar categories of information, with an added historical section around many of these topic areas.

    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

    Road Safety Scotland.

    IAM RoadSmart (formerly Institute of Advanced Motoring) (I.A.M.).

    THINK! - Road Safety.

    The Highway Code online.

    Pass Plus.

    The New Drivers Act.

    Driving School Directory Links

    Some Driving School Directory sites that could be useful if you're thinking of taking driving lessons, and are looking for a driving instructor in your own local area, are listed below.

    (We are listed on Driving Schools Locally).

    UK Driving Schools Directory.

    2Pass Directory

    Glasgow Online

    Please note: we have added these driving links because we think they could be useful to you, our website user, and because we think they're worth a browse.

    However, we have added these external company links for your convenience only, but we are not responsible for the information contained in the above websites, nor can we be held responsible for any changes in policy or administration that these companies may implement. Please see our disclaimer .

    Antonine Driving School , for a DSA Approved Driving Instructor.

    Please click on the DSA logo below to see the DSA's advice on 'choosing a driving instructor'.

    choosing a driving instructor

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