The Driving Test.

Before you can drive unsupervised in the UK, you must pass your practical driving test. You can only apply for the practical test once you've passed the driving theory test. Your instructor will normally advise you when you're ready to sit the test.

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The purpose of the practical test is to determine whether you've acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to drive safely and competently on the open road unsupervised. You should also show that you can drive with 'due regard to other road users in accordance with the Highway Code'.

Your driving instructor will let you know when your driving skills and your driving consistency are of a level that you're ready to book your test. His/her decision will be based, in part, on the amount of time he/she has, between booking your test and the test date, to help you to hone your driving consistency and skill to the required level to pass the test.

The practical test is an anxious event for most people, and test nerves often play a big part in people failing. Being fully aware of, and well prepared for, what the test entails can help to make the 'unknown' a bit less daunting.

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These pages have been put together to assist anyone who is approaching their practical test. There's a section on booking your test , and another page on the guidelines that surround cancelling your test , should there be a need for it.

There's a page on preparing for your test , with some tips on how to best get yourself ready for test. We've also included a section about the Show Me, Tell Me questions, as well as a full, detailed description of what the driving test actually involves, step-by-step, to help dispel the 'unknown' a little.

We've also included a page about Independent Driving , which gives a general explanation of this section within the Practical Driving Test following it's introduction in October 2010.

What happens immediately after the test is also covered, and there's another section on why learners fail , that goes over the most common reasons for test failure.

We hope these pages are of use and help to make a nerve-wracking event a bit less so, and that you have a fairer idea of what's involved in everything surrounding the practical test.

If you have any queries, or you would like to arrange to book driving lessons, feel free to contact us . Your call will be welcome.

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