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Scotland's roads are extremely busy, especially in the Central Belt. Statistics for traffic accidents, and casualties due to Road Traffic Accidents, are collated annually and published by Traffic Statistics Scotland .

Driving, nowadays, takes skill and a high level of awareness and anticipation. This skill level is best achieved by learning to drive with a reputable driving school, who have the necessary expertise and knowledge base to help learners to develop proficient, keen driving skills within a safe environment, as detailed on our page ' Pay For Driving Lessons ' (also see links below).

Taking lessons with Antonine has many benefits that make the cost justifiable and ensures a safe , enjoyable learning environment and the achievement of effective driving skills - skills that can safely deal with today's traffic.

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Our lessons are a minimum of 1 hour but, depending on where the learner lives, it may be necessary for the pupil to take an hour and a half, or 2 hours per lesson, in order to properly address the driving skills necessary, and to allow enough practice time to effectively consolidate learning.

Our lessons are reasonably intense, and structured to ensure steady, progressive skill development in all areas. Learning is fairly quick, as long as lessons are consistent and regular. The following links detail the structure, focus and content of our lessons and give an idea of our teaching methods and the format that we adopt when we teach.

First Lesson, (totally new drivers),

Assessment Lesson, (individuals who have previously driven).

Lesson Format.

Driving Manoeuvres.

Learning to Drive Defensively.

Lesson Phases.

The Mock Driving Test.

Learning to drive with Antonine isn't as cheap as learning with a relative or friend, but it's a cost that has to be balanced against the benefits .

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Our pricing structure rates competitively with many other driving schools. We offer cheaper driving lessons than the big, national schools, but our skills and services are very good, therefore we do not under-sell ourselves. Our prices are very fair, and are more comparable to the prices offered by many smaller, local driving schools than to the prices charged by the bigger, national schools.

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At Antonine , we deliver professional driving tuition at a competitive price. Please see our prices to judge for yourself. We also offer block booking discounts , as well as discounted Gift Vouchers to help clients to economise the development of this lifelong skill.

We hope this page has the information that you were looking for and that you have found it useful.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us . We would welcome your call.

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