Terms and Conditions.

Driving Lesson Terms and Conditions.


  1. All new pupils must provide, to their Driving Instructor, their plastic, photographic UK provisional driving licence on the first lesson.
  2. The Instructor will behave in a professional manner towards all clients as per the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors.
  3. The Instructor will provide a vehicle fitted with dual-controls, and learner driver livery, that is fully taxed and insured for tuition and driving tests.
  4. Prices correct as of March 2024. Although we strive to remain competitive with our pricing, Antonine Driving School reserve the right to alter the pricing structure without prior notice. Subsequent block bookings will then be charged according to the new pricing structure. Any outstanding pre-paid lessons will be honoured at the original price paid.
  5. 'First three lessons at half price' or 'First block at £325.00' will be available on a once only basis to brand new Learner Drivers who are new pupils to the School, and on an either/or basis.
  6. Lessons will be on a one-to-one basis, unless otherwise agreed by all parties concerned.
  7. Lessons will commence and finish at a location agreed by both pupil and instructor, that the instructor deems safe.
  8. Until the instructor determines that the pupil's skill level enables them to drive safely from the starting location, this may mean that the instructor will drive the pupil to a safe location. The time taken to do this will be part of the lesson time.

Pupil Responsibilities.

  1. The instructor's telephone number should be saved under 'Driving Instructor' to reduce the risk of inadvertent texting/calling.
  2. If, for any reason, a pupil has to text the instructor, then all text communication should be easily understandable, without common text abbreviations and substitutes, and should be polite and formal in tone, as befits the professional relationship between a pupil and an instructor.
  3. Any changes to pick up/drop off points should be arranged at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. Any extra travel time, to any such points, will be part of the lesson time.
  4. Angry and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated in the car at any time. Any such behaviour will result in the lesson being stopped, and the pupil being dropped off immediately. Pupil will be charged for the full lesson.
  5. Any pupil suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances or drugs (prescribed or otherwise), whereby their judgement and responses may be impaired, will be dropped off immediately. Pupil will be charged for the full lesson and any prepaid lessons will not be refunded.
  6. Pupils who require tuition in their own vehicle (e.g. Pass Plus/refresher lessons) must supply evidence to the School that their vehicle is fully taxed, MOT'd and insured.

Block Bookings.

  1. Block booking lessons must be taken within 6 months of the purchase date. Outwith that time period, the lessons will be lost.
  2. All block booking cancellations will have the balance refunded in full. As block bookings incorporate a discount on full lesson price, the monies returned on cancellation will be proportional to the amount paid.
  3. Any pupil not in contact with the instructor for more than 6 weeks will lose any advanced payments.


  1. The instructor will endeavour to be on time always. In the event of any lateness, the instructor will contact the pupil to confirm the new start time.
  2. If the instructor is going to be more than 20 minutes late the pupil may opt to reschedule the lesson if necessary.


  1. 48 hours notice of lesson cancellation is required or a charge shall be applied.
  2. Cancellation of lessons should be arranged through a telephone call to the Driving Instructor in order to organise the next appointment more easily.
  3. Cancellations by SMS Text are not acceptable and any lessons cancelled by text shall remain fully chargeable.
  4. In the event that the pupil does not show for the lesson, the instructor will wait for 15 minutes before leaving. The lesson will then be presumed cancelled and the pupil will be required to pay for the lesson.
  5. If the instructor cancels the lesson due to either illness, mechanical fault or unforeseen circumstances outwith the instructor's control, another time will be offered either for the same day, or for an alternative date and time, suitable to both parties, within the same week. If no alternative date and time within the same week can be arranged, a lesson will be arranged for the following week.
  6. The instructor cannot be held responsible for cancelled lessons due to bad weather.

Driving Tests: Terms and Conditions.

  1. The instructor will book your driving test. At that time, the pupil is responsible for submitting, to the instructor, the appropriate driving test fee and their plastic, photographic UK provisional driving licence. These will be returned to the pupil at the subsequent lesson, with a note of the date and time of their Practical Driving Test.
  2. If a pupil fails to take regular lessons between a test being booked and the test date the instructor reserves the right to withdraw the use of the learner vehicle for driving test purposes.
  3. In the unlikely event that the pupil books their own test, the instructor requires to be notified of the date and time of any tests an absolute minimum of 14 days prior to the test date to ensure that both the instructor and the vehicle are available for the test and to avoid the risk of double-booking.
  4. When attending for the Practical Driving Test, an extended lesson will be required beforehand to best accommodate the pupil's needs on the day. Therefore, the fee applied will correspond to both the cost of the lesson prior to the test and the use of the learner vehicle during the driving test.
  5. The instructor is not responsible for tests cancelled by the DSA due to strike action, road conditions in bad weather, or staff sickness. The lesson fee for the full lesson will still be chargeable. Your instructor will advise you as to whether, and how, to claim compensation from the DSA.
  6. The instructor reserves the right to withdraw the use of the learner vehicle for driving tests if the instructor deems that the pupil is not yet ready for test and it would, therefore, be unsafe for the pupil, examiner and/or other road users if he/she were to sit their test at that time.

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