Discounts on driving lessons with Antonine.

Discounts on Block Bookings.

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At Antonine driving school we have discounts on driving lessons that are booked in blocks. That's because it's been proven to be a better way to learn to drive.

For one, it's cheaper.

Most learners take between 45 and 60 hours, but some may take more, as this is dependent on various factors, such as age. So, in the long run, booking lessons in blocks is more cost-effective and could mean a saving of as much as £100.00 - £150.00, or more.

Booking blocks of lessons, because the lessons are already paid up-front, also enables consistency of learning.

Consistency has been proven to improve learning - one to two lessons a week, consistently over time, ensures steady, progressive learning and the development of good driving habits and the consolidation of safe driving skills.

Below we have listed our discounted block booking prices.

Block Booking Discounts:

Duration Cost
10 hours/lessons £385.00
20 hours/lessons £780.00
30 hours/lessons £1095.00

If you have any enquiries about our discounted prices, or you're interested in booking a block of driving lessons, then please contact us .

Prices correct as of March 2024. Please note that all discounted lessons are bound by Antonine Driving School Terms and Conditions .

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