Lesson format.

Lesson format: how our lessons are structured.

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Throughout a course of driving lessons, training is structured, as necessary, to meet the needs of individual learners. With Antonine Driving School , this means that the format is different for each pupil. As lessons continue and move forward, the structure of each lesson is tailored around each learner's changing level of ability, knowledge and skill.

As a general guide, the usual lesson format for an average mid-level lesson would be, roughly, as follows:

  • Recap of previous lesson.
  • Brief plan of action for current lesson.
  • Driving to a relevant location for lesson, if required.
  • Discussion of aims and objectives for the lesson.
  • Guided and prompted practice on current topic, eg crossroads, roundabouts or pedestrian crossings etc.
  • Practice on driving manoeuvres.
  • Drive home incorporating a route that allows practice on current lesson topic.
  • Lesson recap & planning and scheduling next lesson.

  • A course of driving lessons will be structured on a weekly basis to best suit each individual learner's level of ability. With each new pupil, these needs will always be different. People are unique and everyone learns at a different pace. Where one pupil may excel at certain driving tasks and yet struggle with others, other learners will struggle in completely different areas, and excel in different skill areas.

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    At Antonine , as you progress through your lessons, you will be introduced to each new topic in a way that is relevant to your own skills and life experience. In an attempt to make it easier for you to take new skills on board your instructor will help you by relating some areas of learning to a skill that you already have, and already understand.

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    However , learning involves effort from both the instructor and from yourself. Progression takes place best when the learner is attentive and actively attempts to consolidate the new material for each new topic. Your Antonine instructor will provide you with a DSA 'Highway Code', free of charge when you first start your lessons, and will encourage you to read at least the DSA's Official Guide to 'Learning to Drive', or preferably the DSA's 'Driving - The Essential Skills'. (Click on the relevant book image above to go to The Stationary Office bookshop, if you are interested in buying any of these publications). As each topic area is practised in your lessons and the instructor pushes you, through relevent questioning, your driving skills and your confidence will increase. This way, you will have made good progress in one area before you move on to the next stage of learning.

    Skills learned during a course of driving lessons begin with the fundamental, basic, yet most important, elements of driving, and steadily progress to more complex operations of car control and road safety. Our lesson format ensures that you learn all of the elements below over the course of your lessons.

    Controls * Moving off and stopping * Mirror use * Use of signals * Turning left * Turning right * Emerging at T- Junctions * Crossroads * Roundabouts * Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings * Judgement - meet/cross/overtake other traffic * Progress/hesitancy/adequate clearance * Driving at higher speeds * Awareness/planning/anticipation * Driving manoeuvres * Emergency stop * Show Me/Tell Me * Mock driving tests * Driving test preparation.

    A course of driving lessons with Antonine will extensively cover all of the elements detailed above at an appropriate stage of your lessons.

    One of these elements involve learning a series of driving manoeuvres. Our next page is about Driving Manoeuvres and explains why it is necessary to learn how to manoeuvre the car in limited spaces, and how we develop this aspect of your driving skill during your driving lessons with us.

    We hope this makes our lesson format a bit clearer and gives you a fair idea of the way Antonine structure their lessons. If you have any queries, or if you are encouraged to book driving lessons with us, please contact us .

    Antonine Driving School , for a DSA Approved Driving Instructor.

    Please click on the DSA logo below to see the DSA's advice on 'choosing a driving instructor'.

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