Mock Tests.

When is it time for Mock Tests?

As pupils progress through their lessons, and their ability and skills develop further, there comes a point where a decision has to be made about when to book the learner's test. To help assess whether or not the pupil is ready to sit the driving test, the instructor will substitute a standard driving lesson with a mock driving test lesson.

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As with normal driving lessons, the lesson time needed to conduct a mock driving test can vary. The test itself will usually last around 50 minutes, with about 10 minutes of introduction at the beginning, and at least 10 minutes of debrief time at the end. So, standardly, a 1 1/2 hour lesson usually suffices for most mock test lessons when the learner lives reasonably local to the test area. As the lesson time has to include travelling to and from the test area, pupils from more remote locations, who already take 1 1/2 hours for their normal lessons, may have to increase their lesson time to 2 hours to properly accommodate the test. Pupils who standardly take 2 hour lessons will not have to change the length of their lesson time.

The mock test itself will be conducted as similarly to the real driving test as possible, where the instructor will adopt the role of a driving examiner, giving directions only . The pupil will be expected to drive totally unaided for the duration of the test, as they do on the actual driving test. During your mock test your instructor will take you on a pre-planned route , designed to test the skills of a learner who is approaching the stage where they are almost ready to book their driving test. The route driven will have normal, everyday traffic, which will include a broad range of road and traffic conditions.

The mock driving test will be marked using a similar system to that used in the real driving test by an actual Driving Examiner. You are allowed 15 minor errors during the mock test. 16 minor errors and you will fail the test. If you commit 1 serious error or 1 dangerous error, no matter how few minor errors you have made, you will also fail the test. At the end of the mock driving test you will be told whether you have passed, or failed, by your instructor.

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If you do not pass the mock driving test for any reason, your instructor will arrange another with you, and you can try again. You may wish to take another lesson or 2 before you re-sit the mock driving test, to help correct any driving deficiencies that came up on your previous test. This will help you on your next attempt.

Once you've successfully passed the mock driving test, your instructor will arrange for your practical driving test to be booked. Our pages on the Driving Test will give you a good idea of what is involved in, and what to expect from, your actual driving test appointment.

We hope this page has been helpful to you. If you have an enquiry, or if you know someone who is interested in booking a course of driving lessons with Antonine, then please don't hesitate to take down our number, which can be found on our contact page. We'd be glad to hear from you.

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