Why learners fail their Driving Test.

Why Learners Fail.

There are consistent, recurrent reasons for why learners fail the driving test. The most common reasons for failure include:

  • Poor observations at junctions.
  • Poor control and/or observations on the Left Reverse.
  • Poor control and/or observations on the Reverse Parallel Park.
  • Steering faults.
  • Ineffective use of mirrors.
  • Inappropriate use of gears.
  • Hesitation at junctions.
  • Driving too slowly.
  • Ineffective observations on moving away resulting in an unsafe situation.
  • Incorrect road positioning.
  • Incorrect use of signals.

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    The DSA national figures for passing the test is 43%. The DSA suggests that pupils should target to have about 45 hours of professional tuition together with around 22 hours of private practice to stand a good chance of passing the driving test. Lack of consistent driving practice is often a reason why learners fail their test.

    In the end if you listen to your instructor and keep taking your lessons consistently, there is no reason why you should not pass your driving test.

    However, if you do fail, it is best to keep up with your lessons between tests. Experience shows that pupils who do not continue with at least 1 hour structured practice per week will have a lower chance of passing. A lack of practice is a major factor of recurrent test failure.

    Many pupils think that because they are at test standard, they don't require any further lessons.

    This is false economy. No lessons means no structured practice to keep your driving focussed, safe and on-point. It's easy to think that it's saving money to stop taking lessons between tests, but driving skills deteriorate quickly without practice, and failing usually means there are areas to improve. Therefore, stopping your lessons will ultimately cost more money in the long run if it takes you more attempts to pass the test, because each attempt costs. And sitting a driving test isn't cheap.

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    The main reasons for learners failing their test are listed above. It's a long list. Correcting those faults needs professional guidance, solid instruction and a strong focus on the weaker skills that have been identified in the test, in order to strengthen and consolidate safe, assured driving skills. It's structured, focussed practice that will mean that you pass your test next time.

    If you have failed a driving test, remember to discuss your driving test report with your instructor at your next lesson and together you can focus on improving the areas that have shown inconsistency or weakness, and eliminate these. And best of luck for next time.

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