Cancel your Driving Test.

Cancelling your driving test.

If you have to cancel your driving test, or change the date of your driving test, you are required to give 3 working days notice to the DSA, otherwise you will lose your test fee.

If your test is cancelled due to bad weather you will be given another test date and you will not be charged. No refund will be given to cover any lesson time taken for your test.

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If you have booked a test that is scheduled to take place within three working days, this is called a 'short-notice' test date and is not able to be cancelled, or changed, without losing the booking fee.

If the Driving Test Centre cannot conduct your test due to the driving examiner being ill, you will also be given another test date and you will not be charged. On this occasion you will be given a 'Refunding Out-of-Pocket Expenses' form that will enable you to claim some form of compensation. This may be of some assistance to compensate for the cost of the lesson in the event that your instructor has charged for the booking of his/her car for the period of the test.

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If you take ill, and are definitely unfit enough to sit your driving test, but are unable to give the required notice of test change or cancellation, you must phone 0300 200 1122 for advice.

We hope this page has been informative and that it's made it clear how to go about changing, or cancelling, your practical test.

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