Teaching Area - Cumbernauld to Glasgow North, and most places in between.

Antonine Driving School has a wide geographical teaching area. It is quite expansive and includes three Driving Test Centre locations. We deliver lessons to pupils who live anywhere within this area.

Click here to see a map and a full list of the areas where our pupils live.

At the beginning of your lessons, in the early stages of learning, you will be driving on roads local to where you live. You will continue on your own local roads until you are confident in all of the basic elements of driving.

driving lesson teaching areas

From then on, you will start to drive on busier roads. As your driving skills progress most of your lessons will be based in and around the area that you will be sitting your driving test.

Those who aim to sit their test at Springburn Driving Test Centre will consolidate their driving skills mainly in, and around, the Springburn area.

Pupils who plan to sit their test in Airdrie Driving Test Centre will gain most of their practice in, and around, Airdrie .

Those pupils who prefer to sit their test in Baillieston will gain their consolidating practice in, and around, the Baillieston area.

Once your test is booked, you will be practicing on driving routes similar in difficulty to the driving routes you may take when you sit your actual driving test.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us .

Antonine Driving School , for a DSA Approved Driving Instructor.

Please click on the DSA logo below to see the DSA's advice on 'choosing a driving instructor'.

choosing a driving instructor

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